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“Stop!” 😵‍💫
“Get OFF!” 😫

DOWN, Spot!” 😤

If you’re hearing yourself (or others) constantly yelling at Spot to knock off his jumping, it’s quite possible your pup has a bit of a jumping problem. 😅


I know, I know. It was cute when he was a puppy…but now that he’s a full grown dog, it’s less cute and can be much more dangerous. 


Luckily, jumping is one of the most common problems we as trainers see…which means we have quite a few tips & tricks to share with you so you can curb Spot’s jumping and finally retire the “Don’t worry! He’s friendly!” line you’ve gotten all too used to sharing with house guests. 😌


Join me for our FREE 2-hour Interactive Zoom webinar

“You Jumping at Me!?” on Friday, 26 August at 3pm BST

as I share the most effective tips & tricks to help stop Spot from jumping.

You’ll need: 

🦴 Your dog’s favourite treat (think cheese, hotdog, boiled chicken) in a pouch or bowl

🦴 Your dog’s lead and harness (or collar) 

🦴 Low distraction training area


You’ll learn:

🙌 Ways to set up a training session

🙌 Why dogs jump

🙌 ACTIONABLE tips & tricks to help Spot STOP jumping

🙌 How to reach out for help if you’re having trouble training

🙌 & so much more!

👇Register below and get all webinar details sent straight to your inbox! 👇

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