Vanessa: Dog Sitting Client


A few months ago, I found Sabrina on Tailster, before she had started World of Woof. I put an advert up for puppy sitting my Golden Retriever, Robbie and got 9 responses. However, after chatting with and meeting Sabrina, she stood out massively. I asked the same question to all the 9 people I found on Tailster, and only Sabrina gave me an answer that meant something to me. 

I wanted a dog sitter at home to follow Robbie’s training schedule, so I asked Sabrina to come and visit us. From that first encounter, not only did Robbie fall in love with her, but I did too.

People say you won’t be able to see the difference if you don’t compare, and they’re completely right. With Sabrina studying dog psychology she knows how they think, behave, and can read them incredibly well. Her also having been a dog walker/sitter/trainer in the past now gives her the hands on experience to put her knowledge into practice. 


I have read a lot around raising/training puppies! Having grown up with different dogs, and being a Chinese tiger mum, I have the drive for my puppy to be the best and happiest he can be, so we can all enjoy each other for the next 12ish years. 

Sabrina isn’t just any dog carer, she is the ultimate dog carer, and always treats Robbie like her own. I remember the start of Robbie’s potty training days were during the rainy season this year, and as a parent I was ready to put the needed clothes/shoes/leash on and take them off, dry Robbie’s feet 3 times per hour etc…

To my delight, Sabrina was more than ready to do exactly the same. 


I can always ask Sabrina for advice and she is happy to reply. She’s fast, very thoughtful, and has even come to the park with me and Robbie to see how he reacted to other dogs on her own time. 

I love Sabrina, she is brilliant, I have not only met a professional/knowledgeable dog carer, but also a friend.



Having seen Sabrina work with a wide variety of dogs, it is clear to me that she has an natural affinity with them. 

She has a comprehensive knowledge of their behaviour and body language. 

Her passion and drive to understand dogs in order to improve their lives through training and structure shines through in her work. 

She is the first person I call when I need training advice and she is so generous with her time that she is always willing to give.  I recommend her to everyone because with Sabrina you don't just get a dog lover who will work her socks off for you and your dog, you get a great human being too. 

My husky Boo adores her too which is what really matters.



Sabrina has been instrumental in helping us socialise and train our rescue. When Ollie came to us she was scared of everyone and not trained at all.

Thanks to some individual training sessions with Sabrina and many frantic messages asking for advice whenever Ollie did something new and concerning, she is now a happy dog and has settled into her new life really well.

She is (mostly) obedient and is even making doggy friends when a year ago she snarled at any dogs she met.


Thank you Sabrina!

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