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1:1 Personalised Packages

Private training for nervous, reactive, and aggressive dogs of any age.

Ready for your dog to stop barking, lunging, and pulling at their leash to get to the dog or person across the road?


Want to be equipped when they’re having some big feelings around food, toys, or other resources? 


Want to strengthen the relationship you have with your dog through trust, love, and fun, but not sure where to begin?


This is the option for you!


We offer private packages with easy solutions to help you live your best life with your beloved pet. 


Stop using training plasters, and start seeing training results!

Site photos-2.jpg

Dog Sitting with a Difference

Dog sitting for all dogs, no matter their age or behaviour obstacles!

Do you find it difficult to go away and leave your dog in trusted hands?


Maybe they're not keen on being around other dogs or people they don't know?

Maybe they have trouble being left alone in the house?


Want to find someone who will treat them with the same levels of compassion, love, and fun as you do, but you don't know who to trust?


This is the option for you!


We offer 1:1 dog sitting, where your beloved pet can stay in the comfort of their own home, and receive professional level force-free dog training at the same time. 


Book a call today to find out more!

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