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Sabrina's Story

Sabrina is dedicated to helping both ends of the leash, human and dog, through the use of compassionate and science-based training. They believe that force-free is a way of life.

They continuously strive to be a better trainer, coach, and human by facilitating and teaching humane methods of training to all. 


They will always seek further education in dog training, as it is both a science and an art that must be carefully maintained in order to provide the best services to dog guardians and their furry companions. 

They have received an intermediate certificate in Canine Psychology and Behaviour from the ISCP, become a Victoria Stilwell Academy Dog Trainer, and recently completed the Masterclass: Aggression in Dogs course.

Here at World of Woof, we know that traditional obedience methods are outdated. Science has shown us that dogs can be taught anything through the consistent use of positive reinforcement.


Creativity is a pillar to effective dog training, and results in the most positive and successful outcomes.



Intermediate certificate in Canine Behaviour

 The ISCP (2021)

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Screenshot 2022-05-18 at 20.09.27.png
Screenshot 2022-04-12 at 12.57.54.png

Pet Professional Guild Member (2022)

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Canine Resource Guarding

Canine Principles (2022)


Victoria Stilwell DTC - Online

Victoria Stilwell Academy (2022)


Masterclass - Aggression in Dogs (2023)

Michael Shikashio

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