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Sabrina has always loved all animals, and dogs the most, for as long as they can remember. When growing up they would always make sure any animal they came across seemed happy, relaxed, and peaceful - even with no real knowledge of what they were doing at the time!

Having received an intermediate certificate in Canine Psychology and Behaviour from the ISCP, as well as becoming a Victoria Stilwell Academy Dog Trainer - they are even more determined to accomplish the mission their younger self set out to achieve.

They will always continue to seek further education, as dog training is both a science and an art that must be carefully maintained in order to provide the best services to dog owners and their furry companions. 

Here at World of Woof, we know that traditional obedience methods are outdated. Science has shown us that dogs can be taught anything through the use of compassion, empathy, and curiosity.


Creativity is the base of any good dog training, and results in the most positive and effective outcomes.



Intermediate certificate in Canine Behaviour

 The ISCP (2021)

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Pet Professional Guild Member (2022)

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Canine Resource Guarding

Canine Principles (2022)


Victoria Stilwell DTC - Online

Victoria Stilwell Academy (2022)